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Due diligence is often at the heart of litigation

Due Diligence and Merger & Acquisition Litigation

  • By: Doug Johnston

“When it happens to you, you’ll know it’s true.” Old Proverb... Read more

Data Analytics Comes Alive for Regional Law Firms

Data Analytics Comes of Age for Regional Law Firms

  • By: Doug Johnston

Data Analytics Comes of Age – Regional Firms Enlist Experts to Enhance... Read more

the conflict in Greece is waged with currencies and not guns

Will History Repeat? Greece, Germany & Gold Revisited

  • By: Doug Johnston

The 1961 Academy Award-winning film, The Guns of Navarone, centered on... Read more

With negative rates, the linkage between expanded business lending activity, increased monetary velocity and broad economic growth now appears clearly to be a higher priority for European central banks and regulators.

The New Frontier of Negative Rates and Banking

  • By: Doug Johnston

While financial market observers in the US remain focused on the timing... Read more

Structured Finance and Commercial Banks’ Emergence as Loan Conduits

Structured Finance and Commercial Banks as Loan Conduits

  • By: Doug Johnston

The emergence of structured finance products over twenty-five years ago... Read more

Keys in New Corporate Finance

Preparation and Growth are Keys in New Corporate Finance Deals

  • By: Doug Johnston

Preparation and Growth are Keys in New Corporate Finance Deals As... Read more


Foreign Exchange – Usable Data for the Traveler and Corporate Finance Team

  • By: Doug Johnston

A working knowledge of the fundamentals of foreign exchange and foreign... Read more

Five Due Diligence Considerations for Entrepreneurs

Startup Companies – Five Due Diligence Considerations for the Entrepreneur

  • By: Doug Johnston

One of America’s greatest strengths has been how readily it promotes and... Read more

Global Economy Story

Are We Nearing A Global Turning Point?

  • By: Doug Johnston

The US may be approaching a turning point in its dominant economic... Read more